Throwout when logging in - Win98SE

Alex Angelopoulos alex "at"
Tue, 08 Jan 2002 02:36:30 +0000

A couple of things to check here...

(1) Does this occur immediately after a windows logon? IN other words, is this the sequence -
(a) log on via VNC
(b) enter your Windows machine/network password
(c) you get disconnected/reconnected

(2) if (1) is the case - it is quite possible that the "default" display settings which Windows is using are different from the
settings associated with your user profile. This default setting is usually 480x640 or 600x800 - usually given away from the screen
being dominated by the logon box.  Here's a possible way to fix that (please let us know if it does the trick).

(a) Log on to VNC as normal
(b) hit "cancel" at your Windows logon; this will log you on with the "default" settings.
(c) adjust the Windows display settings to match what you use for your regular Windows logon - at which point you will be
disconnected of course..
(d) after you log back on, you should see that at boot Windows comes up 1024x768x32.

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Subject: Throwout when logging in - Win98SE

: I am getting thrown out of my VNC session to my Windows box at login. I can
: subsequently reconnect.
: I have read about the "mode change" issue, but have been completely unable
: to resolve this, despite changing modes as necessary.
: I run my Windows system in 1024x768 (largest size practical to display on
: the monitor from which I tend to use this machine remotely) in either 24 or
: 32 bit colour. I have tried both settings.
: The machine has a Matrox Millennium II PCI card. The problem occurs regardless
: of whether Matrox Power Desk is loaded.
: My questions are:
: (i) Why am I getting thrown out if it is not (as it appears not to be) the
:     mode issue?
: (ii) Does running Matrox Power Desk affect VNC?
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