Netgear Router, Port 5900, Not Working

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Mon, 07 Jan 2002 22:19:25 +0000


About the only way you could get that kind of boot time now is to use a PalmPilot.

This has reminded me of something I've noticed which may be of interest to other heavy VNC users on Win32.  I use a mix of VNC,
pcAnywhere, and Windows Terminal Services for remote control on Win32 platforms; in some cases, I have 2 clients enabled for various

Interestingly enough, the VNC services on port 59xx seem to be one of the last things to shut down on NT platforms - even after
netlogon services.  I've been in the situation before of having NT systems hung on shutdown just before poweroff which would allow
me to log on.  I couldn't *do* anything, unfortunately (apparently the system would never see my attempts to send Ctl-Alt-Del,
either from the menu bar or via shift-Ctl-Alt-Del) but the service was still running...

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: >4) I know this is probably blatantly obvious but make sure your host
: >computer is powered on when you try to connect. It is conceivable that
: >someone is going around powering off the computers before leaving at night
: >after you leave and turning them back on in the morning before you arrive.
: Don't apologize.  Nothing is blatantly obvious!!  I know of a guy running
: an old fashioned BBS a few years ago.  He took it down to redo some
: hardware and rearrange the furniture.  The board was down for a month.  He
: plugged the host into a receptacle controlled by a light switch.  On the
: way out he turned off the switch.  When he would periodically check the
: system he would turn on the light and everything looked OK.  It took him a
: month to figure it out.  LOL!!  Nothing is to obvious to mention!!  (He ran
: it on a 6068 machine.  I am assuming that is why he didn't notice the
: reboot when he came back in the room.  I have never seen one.  I assume
: they reboot quickly.)
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: Michael L.
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