Netgear Router, Port 5900, Not Working MichaelLashinsky "at"
Mon, 07 Jan 2002 13:27:16 +0000

>4) I know this is probably blatantly obvious but make sure your host
>computer is powered on when you try to connect. It is conceivable that
>someone is going around powering off the computers before leaving at night

>after you leave and turning them back on in the morning before you arrive.

Don't apologize.  Nothing is blatantly obvious!!  I know of a guy running
an old fashioned BBS a few years ago.  He took it down to redo some
hardware and rearrange the furniture.  The board was down for a month.  He
plugged the host into a receptacle controlled by a light switch.  On the
way out he turned off the switch.  When he would periodically check the
system he would turn on the light and everything looked OK.  It took him a
month to figure it out.  LOL!!  Nothing is to obvious to mention!!  (He ran
it on a 6068 machine.  I am assuming that is why he didn't notice the
reboot when he came back in the room.  I have never seen one.  I assume
they reboot quickly.)

Have a Good Day,

Michael L.
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