Viewer Authentication Failed/Linux to NT

Heinz Hase hasenheimer "at"
Sun, 06 Jan 2002 11:15:36 +0000


> I have searched the archives and found one mention of my problem but the 
> solution doesn't seem to work for me. I have VNC server running on a NT 
> 4.0 SP3 box as a service. I can successfully connect to it withe a viewer 
> running on my Notebook that has WIN2KPro. When I try and connect from my 
> RedHat 7.2 box with the viewer I get a password prompt and type in the 
> same password as I do on my Notebook and then I get the 'Authentication 
> Failed' message on the Linux box. I saw a message with this same situation
Could that be a problem with different keyboard layouts and special
Had one a problem with "#" in a password and connects between Windows and


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