vnc w/ 4port Linksys DSL router rh.ccm "at"
Sat, 05 Jan 2002 22:23:45 +0000

Hello, and thanks for your time. 

I am trying to use vnc to connect my home computer to a very small
network at the office.  At the office I use a 4port Linksys cable/dsl
router to connect to the Internet.  At home I'm just plugged into the
phone jack.  Both computers are running Windows 98se.  On the dsl
routher: DCHP server is enabled, PPPoe is disabled, and Dynamic Routing
is disabled.  Here are my questions concerning how to get through the
Linksys dsl router:

Question 1:   I understand that I have to set port forwarding on the dsl
router setup to port 5900 (or 59xx), but what address do I plug in to be
forwarded?  I presume I use one of the addresses supplied by my ISP, but
do I use the IP address, the Primary DNS, the Gateway, or the Subnet
Mask, or do I use the Destination LAN (DCHP) IP address?  I'm new at
networking, and a bit confused as to which address to use. 

Question 2:   The Linksys dsl router requires me to turn off DCHP to use
Port Forwarding.  Am I loosing something important by doing this?

Question 3:   By opening up port 5900 on the dsl router, am I also
opening up a hole in my firewall that a hacker (or whatever we're calling
them) can detect and walk through?  

Thanks for your help.
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