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Fri, 04 Jan 2002 18:41:40 +0000

David Brodbeck wrote:
> Well, first let me state that I'm not talking about ease of installation
> here.  On a workstation OS, I don't care if individual users can install
> drivers or new software.  (In fact, it makes my life easier if they can't.
> ;) )  And if anything Linux would be less hardware dependent than NT -- I
> could create a kernel with drivers for all our hardware and it'd figure out
> the individual machines on its own.  But there are a few areas that are
> lacking.
> - Accounting software.  Ever seen any for Linux?

I just did a quick search on google and found about 5-10 different
alternatives, some free and some commercial.

> - CAD software.  The company I work for utterly relies on AutoCAD.  There's
> no version of 

It really depends on what kind of cad work you want to do, but I found
several alternatives for mechanical enginering, architectural cad, IC
cad and so on.. 

>   AutoCAD for Linux.  There's a LinuxCAD program that claims to be similar
> to AutoCAD, but
>   have you seen the screen shots?  They're imitating the DOS version, not
> the Windows
>   versions that came out in the last few years.  There aren't even any
> toolbars.  The
>   CAD group would mutiny if I tried to make them use that.
> - Good photo editing software.  GIMP can do nearly everything Photoshop can,
> granted, but the user interface is an utter train wreck.

That is of course a matter of opinion, I myself don't like the UI of
photoshop very much.
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