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George McCashin gmcc "at"
Fri, 04 Jan 2002 17:30:07 +0000

Knowing this is _so_ off topic for this list, I just wanted to add one "real world" observation that seems to be missing from the posts so far.
In the company where I work, we don't go out and buy a box with some operating system and then try to find the software we need to run on it.  We go out looking for the software product we need to run our business, and then buy whatever hardware/opsys it needs to run.  In one case, that happens to be Linux but in other cases it happens to be one SCO box, several NT boxes, an AS400 and a few other ones running in boxes dedicated to specific jobs.  As it happens, quite a lot of companies writing software for business desktops write for Windows... so that it what we run on them.

>> for free, but then, people who refuse to stop using the inferior product
>> for mostly irrational reasons (ever heard of game theory?) would
>> constantly make it hard for us with their incompatible protocols and
>> inferior quality. We could retaliate by ridiculing them until they would
>> see the error in their ways. Oh, wait, that's already happening, sorry.
>And by ridiculing people, do you find you convert them?  Or simply convince


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