Windows layer storage/transmission (off topic)

Richard Harris richard.harris "at"
Fri, 04 Jan 2002 09:38:36 +0000

This isn't about VNC, so please excuse me.

> Please explain what areas are lacking software for Linux.

Personally, I'd love the idea of a Linux desktop across the workplace, but sadly 
it's still a little way off. Who wouldn't like a low cost/free OS that's robust, stable 
and IMO requires less resources to do the same functions as other leading 
operating systems. NT file sharing under Samba? You can't beat it!!

As for areas that are a little lacking.... well, installing software for one. Ok, I 
*know* RPMs and makefile isn't that complicated, but for most users (like my 
father-in-law and 90% of my workplace) unless they see setup.exe that does 
everything for them, they're not interested.

Drivers can give you a bit of fun, but it has got a lot better in the last two or 
three releases. 

On the flip side, the Windows OS does have a few things going for it and a 
number of features that are less than desirable (we can all name our favourite 
top ten, I'm sure). NT 4 workstation was pretty good, but then in 2000 they 
sucumbed to marketting and preloaded IE and Outlook Express + Netmeeting. 
That's fine unless your enterprise doesn't use OE and just maybe you don't 
want shell intergration (like on a server!!). Come back customisation and free 

> I give it another year until we have one.. 

IMO, Linux is *almost* there, but until it becomes as easy for the home user as 
Windows, it will be an uphill struggle to get it adopted. Maybe in the next year 
or two it'll get there, but for the home market one of the biggest stumbling 
blocks is running games. Can you put the latest directx based PC game in your 
Linux box and run is straight away? When that happens and you don't need to 
know any magic, Linux will be there.

A Finnish council are looking to replace all their Windows systems with Linux 
and this will be a very interesting pilot. I'm also wondering if Microsoft have 
gone too far with their new licencing system. Time will tell.


Richard Harris
Environment IT, NCC
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