Windows layer storage/transmission.

Richard Harris richard.harris "at"
Thu, 03 Jan 2002 10:03:22 +0000

> Don't know if this item has come up yet, but it seems to me that only
> one graphical buffer is kept and transmitted by VNC. Since most (if
> not all) OSses are window based, is it not more efficient to keep (and
> send) a separate buffer for each window that is opened.

Hmmm... that's a good one. The citrix client software creates a cache for 
machines on slow links (although on 486's it often better to live without it - go 

How difficult would it be to output the screen updates to a machine's temp file 
location. You could always bin them on exiting VNC (or keep them all if you had 
a switch). Hell, could you make a temp file based on IP address, machine or 
DNS name...... would that speed up VNC on slower links?


Richard Harris
Environment IT, NCC
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