Windows layer storage/transmission.

ScanMan scanman "at"
Thu, 03 Jan 2002 06:17:52 +0000

On Wed, 2002-01-02 at 12:59, Lee Douglas wrote:
> Here's my New Year's suggestion (not resolution). How about if all of those 
> folks who /really/ don't like Windows get together and form another news 
> group / list where they can chant things like "windose" and M$, and the 
> like all day long - thereby leaving the rest of us (the great unwashed?) to 
> get on with our lives?

Wouldn't that be like preaching to the choir?

> Like it or not, Windows is a fact of life, makes 
> life lots easier for a lot of people, and mostly works as advertised.

This is the assumption that gets you into trouble. Why do you think we
don't like Windows? I'll spell it out for you: It makes our lives harder
and does not work as advertised.

> The 
> continuing drumbeat of hate for Windows suggests to me that there may 
> be  certain poverty in the lives of those who profess to hate it. If it's 
> so bad, why don't you develop / promote a competitor and win in the 
> marketplace?

Hey, that's a good idea. Maybe we could call it Linux, and give it away
for free, but then, people who refuse to stop using the inferior product
for mostly irrational reasons (ever heard of game theory?) would
constantly make it hard for us with their incompatible protocols and
inferior quality. We could retaliate by ridiculing them until they would
see the error in their ways. Oh, wait, that's already happening, sorry.
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