Initial Screen Loading, solved

Heinz Hase hasenheimer "at"
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 23:12:09 +0000

Hello again

After one hint in the list, I could solve the problem by
decreasing (!) the MTU on my computer. This isn't only
a problem with DSL! We had the problem on a switched
tokenring. I will have to talk with our WAN-Guys, which
part of the whole network makes the problem.

Urs Mueller, Berne, Switzerland

> Hello out there
> I got the same problem (tried to get help on this list earlier)!
> Pointing from machine a) to machine b) both with Windows
> NT and vnc-server leads in this Initial Screen Loading.
> Pointing from machine b) to machine a) works!!
> Tried to use TightVNC. Got one connection, other trials
> got me about 10% auf the screen of machine b) and I
> couldn't have a "screen refresh".
> The network is a 16 Mbit-Tokenring, the machines are
> in two different subnet. Ping is under 10ms and just
> one hop between (Cisco-Router).
> Have a happy new year!
> Urs Mueller, Berne, Switzerland
> > Hi 
> > 
> > I just downloaded VNC to use and I was able to connect
> > to the server machine and it tries to load the screen
> > but after few mintues VNC closes the connection and
> > window.
> > 
> > 
> > This is what it shows on the screen and closes the
> > window:
> > 
> > Please wait Initial screen loading

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