Windows layer storage/transmission.

De Vos Rudi "at"
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 23:04:58 +0000

Perhaps the title should be video layer storage and transmission?

Most of the code already exist in the rdp2vnc (somewhere in the
contributed part).  You should realy check this source code.  Rdp use
good caching for bitmaps and fonts.
Text is send as acsii followed by the description (size, font type place
But rdp gets this information in its own fake video driver. Insite a
video driver you have all the information you need.
So you need  a mirror video driver to gather all thoose information for
you, before you can implement it in the vnc server and client.

check out thoose functions ! The video driver keeps already the caching
in its memory.


typedef struct _SURFOBJ {
  PVOID  pvBits;
  ULONG  iUniq;

Specifies the current state of the specified surface. Every time the
surface changes, this value is incremented. This enables drivers to
cache source surfaces.
bitmap data

The video driver is finished except for the pvbits part. Because bitmaps
are a special chunk of memory, I don't find the way to pass them to the
vncserver.  If someone know how to solve this problem, please give me a

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