WinVNC and AllowProperties MichaelLashinsky "at"
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 23:03:43 +0000


     Hey Alex, Thanks!!  That was some answer.  It wasn't exactly what I
was asking but it did help answer the question anyway.  I was having
trouble when I entered the dword AllowProperties (0) to disable the
properties function on the systray icon, sometimes it worked and sometimes
it didn't.  Same goes for the dword RemoveWallpaper.  After several
attempts and several resetting of the password I find the registry keys
themselves are now slightly different and I can enter the dword into
another key.  Your description of events is a pretty good model to use to
figure out what my problem is.
     When I was first playing with VNC, (Way back about oh, say, maybe
three weeks ago...) I installed it on my spare machine running '95.  I set
the remove wallpaper option and it worked.  Then I un-installed and removed
the new registry keys so I could practice reinstalling and get a standard
procedure going.  I reinstalled it without the RemoveWallpaper option and
it still removed the wallpaper!!!  I looked through every key for the
RemoveWallpaper option but it was not there.  So I replaced it back in the
very same key it was in before.  Now It didn't work!  I placed it in every
key and it still didn't work!  I decided to work on some other project for
a few days so my head wouldn't explode!!
     As you can imagine, I am a little baffled by this registry voodoo.  I
am plugging away at it on a few other machines and I eventually get it
doing what I want, but not on the first attempt and not in a way I can
standardize (and write into a script to export into a .reg file.)  If I
have to do every single machine in the company by trial and error I will,
but I would much rather understand it and standardize it.

Have a Good Day,

Michael L.

P.S.  I write Windoze.  Can't anyone take a joke anymore!!!
     I prefer my Mac but could not find a job working with Macs.  (I
honestly don't have that much less trouble with my Mac .  The operating
system and applications feel a little more intuitive and natural than the
Windows counterparts.  I'll settle for as little trouble as I can get away
     Mostly though, they are very similar on the user end these days.  The
Windows programmers steal ideas form the Mac OS.  The Mac programmers steal
ideas from the windows OS.  It's become a matter of what a user is used to.
Pretty soon it won't even matter anymore.  We'll be talking to our 'puters
and loging in with voice recognition and retina scans.  Beam me up!!  Live
long and prosper!!
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