Configuration questions

Janyne Kizer janyne_kizer "at"
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 15:42:52 +0000

I would like for some ids (helpdesk folks) to be able to connect via
VNC.  Other IDs should not be able to connect via VNC at all.  It
doesn't matter to me if the desktop is persistent or not.  

ScanMan wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-01-02 at 06:35, Janyne Kizer wrote:
> > Since I know my system uses xintetd to start services and I wouldl ike
> > to run VNC as a service that starts on reboot, I thought perhaps I
> > needed to to something in there.
> Do you want to run a desktop server, where each incoming connection
> generates a new desktop, and that desktop disappears upon disconnection,
> or do you want each user to have a persistent desktop where they can
> connect and disconnect at will?


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