Help needed with video driver

De Vos Rudi "at"
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 15:35:24 +0000

A bit more info.

Before you can ext vnc, I need to find a way to pass the bitmaps from
the video driver to the vncserver.

I wrote a mirror video driver.
This driver capture all changed regions and pass the rectangle info to
the vncserver.  Debugging the vncserver shows that the slowest parts are
the vncserver bitblit's.
The only ways the make vnc faster is the pass the bitmap data direct
from the mirror driver and use caching.  Caching is already used insite
the video driver, so you can use the MS video caching numbers.
The only problem is that I need to know how to pass the bitmap data from
the mirror driver to the vncserver.
You can't use bitblts from the vncserver because
1) bitmaps are cliped but caching use the full bitmaps
2) time depended ( when you blit a bit later , you get other data)

After the vncserver gets this data, you only have to make a vnc
client-server extension

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