DSL system and no screen update

Richard Harris richard.harris "at" nottscc.gov.uk
Wed, 02 Jan 2002 09:30:59 +0000


> The modem connection worked and continues to work. The DSL connection
> refuses to work. We can ping all available machines, have put a
> sniffer on the server and verified that viewer packets are being sent
> and received. However whenever we connect we enter the password, with
> no error, the initial grey screen comes up, displays "initial screen
> loading" and just sits there. The connection is eventually closed

I'm not saying this is the fix, but it sounds like you've got a funny MTU size set 
on the DSL router.

I had a similar problem with a BT based VPN solution and you can read what I 
found out here: http://www.darkage.co.uk/vnc/faq.htm#updates

Are you having any trouble with HTTP downloads? MTU problems tend to 
affect large packet sizes (FTP, web and VNC) whereas telnet and oddly 
PcAnyware (!) are not.

Hope that helps
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