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As I understand it, the 98 box is the client and the NT systems are the hosts.  Here are some "crosschecks" to try.

(1) Try using the Java applet instead of vncviewer just to compare what they do.  Here's how you do that.  If you have a VNC server
at IP using Display 1, the normal VNCViewer client will connect on port 5901. VNC servers also, however, run a web
server 100 ports lower; you would hook up to this one from the 98 machine's browser by using the address
and when the Java applet loads it should work OK.

(2) Try telnetting to the ports used by VNC from the 98 box.  You should get a response like "RFB 003.003" from the standard viewer
port, and a momentary connect then disconnect from the Java port.  If not, there's definitelya problem with connection from the 98
box to the server port.

(3) Does the same problem happen when the 98 box tries to contact *any* of the NT systems?

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: I'm stumped on 3.3.3r9 viewer issue dealing with a DSL connection. We have 3
: remote machines that we use to connect to Win NT machines at work. We use a
: VPN for the connection. 2 of us have DSL connections from a NT and Win 2k
: machines and they consistently work great. The third is a Win98 machine that
: recently got a DSL line. It previously connected via modem. The modem
: connection worked and continues to work. The DSL connection refuses to work.
: We can ping all available machines, have put a sniffer on the server and
: verified that viewer packets are being sent and received. However whenever
: we connect we enter the password, with no error, the initial grey screen
: comes up, displays "initial screen loading" and just sits there. The
: connection is eventually closed. We are looking at the video driver now but
: are stumped by the fact that the modem connection works and continues to
: work. If anyone out there has some suggestions I would love to hear them.
: jeff
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