RFB 003.003 in java viewer

William Hooper whooper@freeshell.org
Thu Dec 19 16:19:01 2002

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Subject: RFB 003.003 in java viewer

> Hi...
> I'm trying do access my office computers (we use ADSL and a router) I've
> oppened the router ports from 6000 to 6006 each one for each computer...
> When I try to access one computer in my hose Browser I tyoe
> http://.myoffice.ip.address:6000 and I get RFB 003.003  error...
> If I try from VNC Viewer it work fine
> Any help???

If you are using the default configuration, RFB is over port 5900+display,
and HTTP (for the java app) is over 5800+display.

Assuming you have moved the RFB to 6000, then the HTTP would be at 5900.
You need two ports to use the java applet, one to server the applet (lower
numbered) and one to talk RFB (higher numbered) separated by 100.
William Hooper

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