VNC Documentation

Jeff Mathewson jeffwm "at"
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 19:23:19 +0000

I understand that this question has most likely been asked over and over many
times, but with the short time with VNC, I still am unable to find any good
documentation on this product other then promo ads and a brief over view of

>From what I understand at this point, the only documentation that is out there
now is a downloadable version of the VNC web site and a PDF file that looks as
if it was a promo ad that was scanned from a magazine.  Is this all there is?

Are there any projects underway to work on a better documentation to show the
full benefits of all that VNC has to offer and with that detail information on
what is needed to get VNC to work on all systems.  I'm in dyer need of any
type of detailed reference manuals for VNC.

Thanks, Jeff.

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