serious VNC BUG!!!!!

Clemens Resanka clemens "at"
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 19:18:14 +0000

Hi all,

Meanwhile I've tried it on several machines and the problem seems to
appear everywhere. So imho this definetly is a bug in VNC. TightVNC
has the same problem.

You should be able to reproduce the problem easily:
- In Win2000 Control Panel/Keyboard/InputLocales select the keyboard
layout German or German(IBM)

- Under Linux (only tried 2.4.x kernels, several distributions) start
a vncserver

- Under Windows start a vnc viewer and connect to the linux box.

- In VNC press the key left to the 1 key, right above the tab key on
your keyboard. On the german keyboard, this is where the cirumflex
letter is. 

Instead of one circumflex character, two of these ^^ appear.
In any other windows-application this does not appear so in my eyes,
this has to be a bug in VNC.

So far..

 - Clemens -
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