Multiple-users accessing same VNC server

Ronald Albuquerque RonnieA "at"
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 18:28:22 +0000


We're running Win2k Server on some of our test machines.
We're running Win2k workstation on our desktops.

I've installed VNC Server on all the test machines.
Something I've noticed is that the VNC Server does not allow more
than one connection.

Here's what we want to achieve:

1. Run VNCServer on a machine (either Win2K Server or Win2K workstation)
2. Person 1 connects to the machine, either with browser or vncviewer.
3. Person 2 connects to the machine as well, either with browser or
   Person 1 does NOT get disconnected.

At this point, both person1 and person 2 are connected via VNC to the test

Is this possible at all ? If so, how would I tweak the VNC Server ?

Best Regards,
Ronald Albuquerque
Ronald Albuquerque, Senior Software Engineer
Geotrust/Wellesley (
p: 781.263.4119
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