"Connection closed" error message

FOO JOUNG WEE foo.joungwee "at" toshiba.com.sg
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 11:24:48 +0000

When I try to connect my office pc to my home pc, i get an error message
"Connection closed". My office pc is behind a proxy/firewall and there's no way
I can bypass it. The firewall will block most of the port numbers so I'm force
to use some unblcked common port number such as 21. I went through the FAQ and
documentation and did some checks but there are some setting which I do not know
how to check. They are as follows:
1. I'm able to do a PING on my home pc (server) from my office pc (client).
2. I've set the TCP/IP on both PCs as the default protocol (previously NetBEUI
is the default protocol).
I understand that VNC need specific setting on the TCP/IP in order to work. May
I know what are these settings? (e.g. DNS config, gateway, etc). And also, may I
know how to create an error log file?
Can any experts out there help me solve my connection problems? Thanks in
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