Possible for VNC "multi-control environment"?

Jimmy Wong jimmy_cmwong "at" yahoo.com
Fri, 28 Sep 2001 10:25:42 +0000


Just wonder it is possible for VNC to have
"multi-control environment"?

What I means VNC multi-control environment is when two
or more VNC clients connected to the same VNC server,
all of them are allowed to connected as Application
Mode rather than Listen Mode.  Just like Telnet for
example, it allows different users/administrators to
logon to the same server to perform different tasks
without affecting each others.

So, on the VNC Server, the screen, mouse, and keyboard
can be used by the local administrator.  Well, remote
administrators can log on the the same server using
VNC clients to perform their own tasks.  All the tasks
are running at background under the protected modes
(without affecting/crashing each others).

Therefore, administrative tasks/works can be done by a
group of administrators remotely at the same time

Anyone have any idea how to achieve this?


Jimmy Wong
28 Sept 2001  

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