Garbled IBM server Display

didier dgautheron "at"
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 17:29:59 +0000

> But then when I try to connect to it from a Windows client the screen is
> garbled.  I can open an xterm but all the characters are wrong (but the
> keyboard functions correctly).  If I left click on the background the menu
> that pops up is readable, but "blurry".  If I drag over the menu then things
> become more clear.  So something is clearly very wrong.
1) viewer pb
Try with different depth, color sheme : vncserver -depth 32 -pixelformat

2) an ORL extension pb or Xfree pb (-D__s390__ isn't enough).
Try :
xwd -root > something 
xwud -in something 

If you can put a garbled screenshot somewhere.
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