Bug/problem with VNC under Win2000

Denis Bucher dbucher "at" niftycom.com
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 15:10:22 +0000

Hello !

The problem is that I have problem with WinVNC under Windows 2000.
It is either a bug, either missing explanations in the documentation

When starting WinVNC under Win2000 it works, but I cannot use VNCviewer on
Win98 to view it. The problem is that I can VIEW THE SCREEN of Win2000
from Win98 but only half a second and it diseapear ! And on Win2000 the mouse
moves during that half second, and the background becomes 'one-colour', and 
nothing anymore. In a word  IT WORKS, but only half a second.

Therefore I think it must be a files protection problem under Win2000, or maybe
some refresh method that doesn't work, or something like that. And in addition,
there is NO HELP on installing WinVNC under Win2000, at least not about the
files protection...

Thanks a LOT for any help !

Denis Bucher

P.S. After helping me you could add the answer to the doc, it would be
therefore useful for other people.... 
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