VNC Cursor Keys Problem

Dave Howarter dhowarter "at"
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 00:54:43 +0000

I just started using VNC and it has a lot of advantages for the remote 
monitoring of computers that I need to do.  However, I have one 
problem.  With two of the programs that I am using, when I am running the 
Remote Viewer the cursor keys (Page-up, Page-down, up/down/left/right 
arrows) do not move the cursor in the window.  With some programs they work 
but with others they do not.  In all cases I am running inside a window, 
not maximized.

The two programs that do not work for are:

1. I am using pcAnywhere on the VNC-server machine to connect via an RS-232 
cable to a third computer that is running entirely under DOS.  If I use 
pcAnywhere to access the VNC-server machine, I can then set up another 
pcAnywhere session on that machine and control a program on the third 
machine.  However, if I use VNC to access the VNC-server machine and try to 
do the same, pcAnywhere starts up on the VNC-server machine and connects 
with the third machine, but the cursor keys on my remote computer do not 
cause the expected movement on the third machine.

2. The problem is similar if I run a Telnet session on the VNC-server 
machine.  One third party Telnet program sets up, but the cursor keys don't 
move the cursor around on the telnet session.  However, if I start Telnet 
from a DOS prompt, I get a different version of Telnet and then the cursor 
keys work.  (One obvious solution is to start Telnet from DOS, but I still 
have problem #1 above which I don't have a work-around for.).

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Dave Howarter
Titan Wireless
San Diego, Ca. 
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