Sean Chen sean.chen "at"
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 18:24:22 +0000

i can't seem to get ssh tunnel work with VNC.
want to see my home pc from work. running
winvnc 3.3.3r9 server at home and client on
work machine. home pc is win2k, work pc is win98.

according to some articles in the mailing list
and vnc doc on,
i set the registry key Allowloopback to 1 in
still the vnc viewer on work pc is rejecting the
connect to the loopback address:
	localhost:1 (tunneling to home pc vnc server)
the tunneling connection is good because
telnet localhost 5901 connects and show "RFB 3.3...."

on the other hand, the same set up work from home pc.
i.e. i can tunnel vnc connection to work pc's vnc server
with NO problem by connecting to localhost:1 on home pc.

very strange. please enlighten.

	-- Sean Chen <sean.chen "at">
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