only one viewer can control

Kurt P Lloyd kplloyd "at"
Wed, 26 Sep 2001 10:12:06 +0000

I have been using VNC, Solaris servers and clients.
I run "vncserver", and then "vncviewer -shared mymachine:1", and my
colleague at a different site (different VNC installation) also runs
"vncviewer -shared mymachine:1".  Both viewers are able to interact
with the display great.
However, if my colleague runs "vncserver" at his site then only the
first of us to run "vncviewer -shared hismachine:1" can interact
with the display.  The second of us to run this same vncviewer
command can only see what the other viewer is doing, but cannot
interact with the display.  Does anyone know why this could be and
how it can be changed so that both of us can interact with his
VNC server?
-Kurt Lloyd, kplloyd "at", (978) 960-6276
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