No remote access?

John Roland Elliott John_Roland_Elliott "at"
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 19:08:00 +0000

I don't have a solution for you but rather some questions which, if you can
answer them, may help you get closer to a solution.

1) First, the easy one ... from the client at work, when you tell the viewer
what to connect to, you are using the IP address of the WAN side of your
home firewall, aren't you? (Not the address of the VNC server on your
private network.) I'm guessing that the RT314 works the way my SMC Barricade
and Linksys Router do, namely, it does NAT between a private network and a
single public address. Since your home network is a private network, you
can't get to it from your work. You have to talk to the public (WAN) side of
your home firewall and let the firewall forward it to the VNC server on the
private network.

2) Is it a problem with your home firewall or something else?
-        If you put a computer on the unprotected (WAN) side of the
firewall, can it connect to the VNC server through the firewall? If so, the
problem is not in your home firewall configuration / capabilities.
-        If you remove the firewall from the mix, i.e., put the VNC server
unprotected on the net, can you connect to it from work? If so, your problem
is in your home firewall.

3) Is a firewall at work blocking outbound connections on 5900?
-        If you change the VNC server to listen on port 80, e.g., can you
get to it? Set the VNC server to use display number 4294961476 (sic ... that
number is 2^32-5900+80) and when you bring up the viewer, tell it that the
VNC server is "ip-address-of-firewall:4294961476". Don't forget to tell your
firewall at home to redirect port 80 to the VNC server.

Good luck,

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> I don't have any problem connecting locally to either one of my machines
> (back and forth), but if i try to connect from work or some other domain
> not able to connect. I am running behind a firewall (Netgear RT314) but
> forwarding ports 5900 & 5901 to my local machines respectively, why do i
> keep coming up with the "Failed to Connect to Server" errors? What could
> my problem(s) here?
> Thanks,
> -gregg
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