Character mode windows giving trouble with VNC Commander

John Clegg john.clegg "at"
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 19:07:57 +0000

I am using VNC Commander running on a Windows 2000 SP1 box.

If I connect to an NT4SP6 box all is fine until I run a CMD prompt, then I
find that keypresses are not transmitted to that window properly - it seems
as if about 1 in 3 keypresses is successful. Everything works fine outside
that window

I experience exactly the same if I connect to a Linux box running vncserver
to host a KDM screen - all is OK until I try and type into a text type box -
eg a console window or a text based editor such as vi or GEdit. Once again,
everything works fine in the proper X windows.

Any ideas?


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