TightVNC 1.2.1 released

Const Kaplinsky const "at" ce.cctpu.edu.ru
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 16:24:13 +0000


TightVNC 1.2.1 has been released today. Here is a brief list of
changes over 1.2.0:

  - Win32 server: added support for reverse connections on ports other
    than 5500, modified patch from Steve Kann.

  - Win32 viewer: added support for new command-line options:
    -noshared and -encoding XXX.

  - Bugfixes in Win32 viewer: changes in exception handling eliminate
    Borland C++ compilation problems causing application crashes on
    repetitive connections, notably in the listen mode. Also, now
    warning exceptions causing disconnects are reported to user,
    except for the case when a user has closed the viewer window.

  - Better packaging in Win32 version: self-installing package is
    available, vncviewer now shows correct icon image.

  - Unix vncviewer: Default tunneling command template has been
    changed, to allow tunneled connections to hosts where only
    loopback VNC connections are enabled. New -via <GATEWAY>
    command-line option provides enhanced tunneling functionality, now
    one can make vncviewer tunnel connections to a VNC host via third
    machine acting as a gateway.

  - Java viewer: Addition of new parameters PASSWORD, "Show Controls",
    and "View Only", modified patch from Steve Kann.

New version is available from the usual place:


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I'd like to thank all people who reported bugs, contrubuted patches
and ideas.

With Best Wishes,
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