linux fullscreen issues

SI Reasoning sczjd "at"
Mon, 24 Sep 2001 09:43:20 +0000

has anyone figured out how to get linux fullscreen to
work properly with vnc? The current problems are:

if start in fullscreen the keyboard functions in the
local computer, not vnc.

if F8 to fullscreen and a window pops up on local
computer, the keyboard functions in local computer,
not vnc

if F8 to fullscreen and use keybindings used in window
manager on local computer, the keyboard functions in
local computer not vnc

once the keyboard is caught by local computer, you
still see vnc desktop in full screen, you just cannot
use the keyboard there (including F8) and have to find
way to kill vncviewer (not always easy for less
experienced users)

There either needs to be some keystroke on local
computer that can send keyboard back to vnc (these can
be set in many window managers by the admin or maybe
create alt + sysrq + F8)
vnc needs to hold onto the keyboard and not let the
local window manager reclaim it until F8 back to
regular window mode/close.

SI Reasoning
sczjd "at"

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