How Close can XVNC get to WinVNC

Suresh Mahalingam msuresh_2001 "at"
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 20:57:02 +0000


  I have recently started using VNC and have been
  trying to make VNC on solaris/CDE similiar to
  WinVNC so that I can remotely work on the existing
  screen display rather than having a separate one
  for VNC.

  I have had reasonable success with the following
  approach I got from the vnc-list archives of running
  the working XSession through a shared vncserver:

1. Change the last line of xstartup in ~/.vnc:

#twm &
vncserver -kill :1

2. Delete all startup commands from ~/.xinitrc and replace with

vncviewer <machine-name/localhost>:1 -passwd ~/.vnc/passwd -fullscreen

I had to add 2>/dev/null because otherwise the vncserver startup
message was showing on the console.

3. Create a script startvnc containing the command:

vncserver -geometry 1280x1024 -depth 8 -cc 3 -dpi 90 -fp \
 tcp/localhost:7100 -alwaysshared -nolisten local

I got 1280x1024 by running xdypinfo.

I know this command can be added to the .xinitrc followed
by sleep 10.

4. Turn off dtlogin autostart by running dtconfig -d
   as root and rebooting the machine.

5. Login onto console, run startvnc followed by xinit

The above gives good results except for the following

1. There is some drop in the color quality though it improved
   after adding -cc option. increasing depth to 16/24 makes things

2. When I start programs like netscape I get the warning:

Warning: Cannot allocate colormap entry for "gray77"

for different colors like SeaGreen, Brown, SlateBlue etc.

3. I get console messages on the screen which do not clear
   with doing a Refresh. I do not see them with a normal
   CDE display.

4. Auto blank screen does not work properly. I was getting
   a dark and shaking shadow of the oringinal screen which
   came to the regular screen on moving the mouse.

5. Auto lock screen after inactivity does not work.

Is this the best I can get?

I know there is a way to make dtlogin come up using vncviewer.
Will that fix some of the above problems? I would rather not
make too many config changes as root. Here the only change I
made was running dtconfig -d which can be restored by dtconfig -e.

I know that x0rfbserver works on the running XServer rather
than create its own XServer. But I do not think there is a version for


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