params list of java applet

Marc Grober mgrober "at" AHFC.STATE.AK.US
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 20:15:57 +0000

I posted this some time ago but not sure whether it made it and whether 
its in the archives and don;t have the time right now to look but it 
might be helpful.

Dietmar.Friesch "at" wrote:
 > Does anybody out there know off hand or know where to find the
 > <param.....> list and values for

Some xtra info that might help with Eric's suggestions...........

1. You DO have to make sure that the java code is available through the web
server (i.e. the classes have to be accessible in the same directory as 
the web
page or you need to provide  a codebase tage for the applet that points 
to a URL
with the classes in it.)
2. AT least from aix using netscape you should provide HEIGHT and WIDTH 
for the
java client in the window (getting half a CDE window is typical of this). I
believe that these fileds are technically required, though you may be 
able to get
somewhere without them. This can get complex but you can fiddle it out 
if you
hang in there.

some title
<h1>Java VNCViewer at http://webserver/unix/800x600x24.html</h1>
This page would put the web page with the embedded applet in one place<br>
but keep the java code in another
<APPLET  CODEBASE=http://webserver/vnc/ CODE=vncviewer.class
ARCHIVE=vncviewer.jar WIDTH=1024 HEIGHT=768>
<param name=PORT value=5950>

You can also embed the java, like so for explorer - code base here is for
something different since its an M$ client  (more info is available at 
an older
article found at )
I think the non-embedded version is much quicker............

some title
<h1>Java VNCViewer</h1>
<param name=PORT value=5950>
<param name=CODE value=vncviewer.class>
<param name=ARCHIVE value=vncviewer.jar>
<param name=type value=application.x-java-applet;version=1.3>
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