instead of using a KVM switch box.. suggestions

Gary Stainburn gary.stainburn "at"
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 18:09:56 +0000


what happens if you leave 2 of the boxes to the kvm switch, and not have a 
keyboard/mouse connected to that?

That should sort out your boot problem, while leaving the remaining PC to 
drive your monitor properly.  Then you can simply VNC to the other 2 boxes as 


On Friday 21 September 2001 5:28 pm, Sean Hurlburt wrote:
> Hi All,
> this is slightly off topic..
> I recently acquired a 6 port KVM switch box in order to manage my LAN,
> (windows 2000 server, professional, and 95).
> I thought it would be simple- 3 servers 1 monitor, I keyboard, 1 mouse,
> hub, cat 5s- piece of cake.  Once I set it up it worked seamlessly with one
> major glitch, the KVM ruined to resolution of my monitor, if I continue
> working with the current resolution I will go blind.
> I need to work around this, Here is a method I thought of but I am running
> into an obstacle or 2.
> Here is my question:
> How does one configure 2 of the servers to work without a keyboard, mouse,
> monitor via VNC.  Short of booting them with KB, monitor, and mouse and
> then unplugging them and relying on the network, is there something in the
> boot process that can be done in order for the 2 servers to work without
> the KB, monitor, and mouse being physically present.
> has any one had a similar experience?
> any help is greatly appreciated!
> Sean
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