instead of using a KVM switch box.. suggestions

Sean Hurlburt sean "at"
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 17:32:00 +0000

Hi All,

this is slightly off topic..
I recently acquired a 6 port KVM switch box in order to manage my LAN,
(windows 2000 server, professional, and 95).
I thought it would be simple- 3 servers 1 monitor, I keyboard, 1 mouse, hub,
cat 5s- piece of cake.  Once I set it up it worked seamlessly with one major
glitch, the KVM ruined to resolution of my monitor, if I continue working
with the current resolution I will go blind.
I need to work around this, Here is a method I thought of but I am running
into an obstacle or 2.

Here is my question:
How does one configure 2 of the servers to work without a keyboard, mouse,
monitor via VNC.  Short of booting them with KB, monitor, and mouse and then
unplugging them and relying on the network, is there something in the boot
process that can be done in order for the 2 servers to work without the KB,
monitor, and mouse being physically present.

has any one had a similar experience?
any help is greatly appreciated!

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