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>Okay, I'm trying this question again. I tried on 8/30 with no response.
>I assume it's because the answer is so simple.  I can't believe that
>none of you know the answer:

Ill try my best.. :-)

>I am very sorry if the answer to this question is a part of the archives
>somewhere. I have looked and can't find. I also apologize in advance for
>what may be an obvious answer to most of you.
>We are starting to load VNC on WINNT4.0 SP6 servers.  They are located
>all over
>the state.  Our goal is to RAS into them and load VNC remotely. Our
>problem is that, even if we load VNC locally, we have to enter the IP
>address instead of the server name to log in at 'VNC Server:'.

This can be a problem with WINS(Windows Internet Naming System). If you
have a WINS server running somewhere on the remote site, you can try
specifying it in the RAS connection used to dial into the server.

>will become a problem when we go a step farther to the individual
>workstations, through the server, because they are dynamic and the IP
>could change.  Where do
>I tell VNC in the server to accept the computer name?  It works at one
>site but we can't see any difference in what was done to configure it.

If you dont have a WINS-server and dynamic IP-adresses - then you can be
in trouble. The RAS-connection then needs to get hold of a current naming
list from the master browser of the remote network, and that can be a
problem if a WINS-server isnt present.

>What are we missing? Thanks.  So far, VNC is great!

I totally agree. VNC is great!

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