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Jeff Boerio boerio "at" ichips.intel.com
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 18:24:22 +0000


My original thought on your problem is that your xstartup file might be
hard-coding itself to display danu:1?  Or, is there already a VNC session
running on danu:1 that it cannot connect to?

I think the problem is not in X itself, but rather making sure you can
start it with -cc 3.

     - Jeff

>I have looked through the mail archive but did not see any obvious solution
>to the problem I am having in generating graphical displays from an
>application when using vncserver / viewer.
>My setup is as follows. SUN Solaris 2.5.1 machine running vncserver (on
>display :1) using Xvnc ver3.3.3r2. The viewer is running on a WinNT 4 (sp6)
>machine and accesses the vncserver through the standard TCP/IP port 5901. I
>can start the vncserver ok, connect to it and display the X desktop in my
>viewer. I can start my application from my PC using the xterm in the viewers
>X desktop and it appears fine (dimensions are ok and colours look fine -
>depth is set to 32 in the vncserver perl script). I can run most things from
>within the application but when I try to create a new graphical window the
>operation is aborted and gives the error message that it was 'unable to get
>enough colours'. There is no clear error in the vnc log file however it does
>include the line:
>rfbProcessClientNormalMessage: ignoring unknown encoding type 3
>Is this significant?
>I am able to run the application on the SUN system and display it to the :0
>display (default screen). The software is regularly used by remote SUN
>solaris systems using rlogin and then setting the application to redisplay
>on to the remote system (setenv DISPLAY remote_machine_name:0).
>I have tried to change the colour settings using the -cc 3 option but when I
>include this switch the vncserver fails to start and gives the error that it
>'couldn't add screen', 'xrdb: connection refused', 'xrdb: Can't open display
>'danu:1''. The problem seems to lie in the allocation of colours / colour
>resources but I am not familiar with X and would appreciate some help. 
>Can somebody suggest a way to fix this problem.
>email: sbowen "at" seiscan.com
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