Logging on with the computer name

Gregory Bruce gbruce "at" qwest.com
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 17:02:13 +0000

Okay, I'm trying this question again. I tried on 8/30 with no response.
I assume it's because the answer is so simple.  I can't believe that
none of you know the answer:

I am very sorry if the answer to this question is a part of the archives

somewhere. I have looked and can't find. I also apologize in advance for

what may be an obvious answer to most of you.
We are starting to load VNC on WINNT4.0 SP6 servers.  They are located
all over
the state.  Our goal is to RAS into them and load VNC remotely. Our
problem is that, even if we load VNC locally, we have to enter the IP
address instead of the server name to log in at 'VNC Server:'.  This
will become a problem when we go a step farther to the individual
workstations, through the server, because they are dynamic and the IP
could change.  Where do
I tell VNC in the server to accept the computer name?  It works at one
site but we can't see any difference in what was done to configure it.
What are we missing? Thanks.  So far, VNC is great!
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