Display problem

Simon Bowen sbowen "at" seiscan.com
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 13:43:40 +0000


I have looked through the mail archive but did not see any obvious solution
to the problem I am having in generating graphical displays from an
application when using vncserver / viewer.

My setup is as follows. SUN Solaris 2.5.1 machine running vncserver (on
display :1) using Xvnc ver3.3.3r2. The viewer is running on a WinNT 4 (sp6)
machine and accesses the vncserver through the standard TCP/IP port 5901. I
can start the vncserver ok, connect to it and display the X desktop in my
viewer. I can start my application from my PC using the xterm in the viewers
X desktop and it appears fine (dimensions are ok and colours look fine -
depth is set to 32 in the vncserver perl script). I can run most things from
within the application but when I try to create a new graphical window the
operation is aborted and gives the error message that it was 'unable to get
enough colours'. There is no clear error in the vnc log file however it does
include the line:
rfbProcessClientNormalMessage: ignoring unknown encoding type 3
Is this significant?

I am able to run the application on the SUN system and display it to the :0
display (default screen). The software is regularly used by remote SUN
solaris systems using rlogin and then setting the application to redisplay
on to the remote system (setenv DISPLAY remote_machine_name:0).

I have tried to change the colour settings using the -cc 3 option but when I
include this switch the vncserver fails to start and gives the error that it
'couldn't add screen', 'xrdb: connection refused', 'xrdb: Can't open display
'danu:1''. The problem seems to lie in the allocation of colours / colour
resources but I am not familiar with X and would appreciate some help. 

Can somebody suggest a way to fix this problem.


email: sbowen "at" seiscan.com
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