Thomas Herrmann Thomas.Herrmann "at"
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 11:43:45 +0000


we would like to use VNC to distribute the screen of a presenter PC to several
participants. This is possible with the "-shared" option, but we have two
issues about thisat the moment:

1) Is it possible to route a VNC session through a firewall, e.g. a Web-Proxy?
Is there anyknown attempt to do something like that?

2) Would it be possible not to connect the viewers to the presenters machine,
but insteadconnect both the presenter and the viewers to a centralized server, which does
thedistribution of the screen content?

Any hint or URL would be of great help. Thanks a lot!

Kind regards
Thomas Herrmann

Teleteach GmbH
Jeschkenstr. 49, 82538 Geretsried, Germany
Tel. +49.8171.929590, Fax +49.8171.929592
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