Win2k installation failures (was: RE: NT Service handling (was: bad review))

Andrew van der Stock ajv "at"
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 02:13:36 +0000

The main reason that you might have a failure is if the Terminal Server
extensions are also installed. TermSrv completely changes the way the NT
console (the primary Windows "station") is handled.

As soon as we work out how to co-exist or leverage the TermSrv stuff
(some of it is very nice), these failures will go away.

In today's security environment, you should use Windows Update as often
as you can (and at least weekly). Having SP0 when SP2 + hotfixes are
available is just asking for trouble. If I was still running Win2K, I'd
be using IE6, SP2, DirectX 8, latest everything. It's the best way.


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I have installed the latest client on a number of Win2k machines.

On about half it works and on the other half it does not work. They are
all same regarding instll, etc. They all have basic Win2k not service
packs. Trying to use IE version 5.5+.

Any help appreciated.

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