MacIntosh VNCviewer

Russell E. Jenney jenneyr "at"
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 01:30:43 +0000

I have a home personal LAN consisting of  two AMD Thunderbird machines
running Windows 2000 Professional, a Sun Blade 100 running Solaris 8;
and a MacIntosh 7100/66 PowerPC running MacOS9.1. Both Windows machines
talk to each other and to all on the LAN, same for the Sun Blade. All of
the non-MacIntosh machines can view and run the Mac with no problems.

VNC loaded successfully, according to the dialogue box, but when I try
to view any other machine on the LAN, I get a stop sign dialogue box
"T_DNRSTRINGTOADDRCOMPLETE fails- 3170kOTBadNameErr - A bad endpoint
name was supplied."
Two reloads and two separate name changes for the Machines have not
recified the problem. Anyone with any Ideas?
Thank you.

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