Sever Side Scaling/Zooming?

Kyle Jones uare "at"
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 00:59:13 +0000

Is the screen buffered before it is sent sent across the network?  If so 
which C file contains that?
Is there any way of making the server scale an 800x600 desktop to 640x480?  I 
have a laptop that can only display 640x480 but all the programs I would like 
to run are only visible at 800x600.  The laptop isn't powerful enough to run 
x so it has to use svncserver (which works fine at 640x480) but it is 
incapable of scaling... Also I think this feature would be much better in the 
server anyways because it can save on bandwidth and processor time on the 
weaker computer. 
Is this type of functionality already there?  Or is it in the works?  
Otherwise which piece(s) of source should I be digging through?
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