can not connect to VNC

Michael nshbyjan "at"
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 18:52:34 +0000

I have installed the latest client on a number of Win2k machines.

On about half it works and on the other half it does not work. They are all
same regarding instll, etc. They all have basic Win2k not service packs.
Trying to use IE version 5.5+.

Also, let me clarify, I can connect but when I enter the correct password
(yes it is correct) I get a message stating that VNC does not have a valid
password enabled. Until a password is set, incoming connections cannot be
accepted. I am getting this on about 12 machines out of maybe 35. Same
software, on either Win2k or NT 4. There does not seem to be any same
variables either.

Any help appreciated.
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