Bad Review of VNC at CNET

William ARbuckle warbuckle "at"
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 04:03:31 +0000


I have a home LAN as well with the internet gate being on a Win 98SE , 
800Mhz 256 ram, with 2 NICS, one for cable internet access and the other 
for my  internal net connection. I have 3 desktops and 2 laptops running 
off of this setup, I have used TridiaVNC to access my files at home, not 
particularly fast but it does the job quite nicely. I have also used 
 this product on dual P 400 CPU, 1 gig ram , NT 4.0 server running sp6, 
again with no major problems.

William Arbuckle
Toronto, Canada

Alain LaBonti wrote:

> A 09:00 2001-09-18 -0300, Boivin, Patrice J a icrit :
>> VNC doesn't work against a Dell PowerEdge 6400 quad-700MHz CPU 
>> machine, 2G
>> of RAM, with NT Server 4 SP 6a with security hotfixes applied, 
>> including the
>> fixes highlighted by PatchWork.
>> VNC works against an old Pentium II clone, with less memory, no brand 
>> name,
>> NT4 SP5.
> [Alain]  In my case, it works well on my home LAN in the city of Quibec
> (the server being a Win98SE machine and my client running on a Win2K DELL
> portable -- yes, maybe the opposite of what it should be, but it works).
> However, in spite of two advices by persons willing to assist me, I was
> never able to make it work in remote access on my portable, the fault
> suspected to be in Win98SE's standard Internet connection sharing
> parameters (when 2 Ethernet cards are present on the server, one for
> Internet, one for the LAN). Even changing parameters according to another
> VNC user's settings (for whom it was a solution) never worked for me. The
> actual IP address of my home machine responds (I checked, of course) but
> VNC does not seem to get an answer.
> It would be nice if somebody would have a look at such a problem, which
> seems primary. Why should it be so complicated to solve such a small 
> problem?
> But VNC is useful when I am at home... However I can't have access to my
> home files or backup from abroad... That said I would not throw the baby
> with the bathtub water... It is a nice product, which allows me to access
> files much faster at home than though the Win2K-to-Win98SE network
> connection.
> Alain LaBonti
> Kona, Big Island of Hawaii
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