Bad Review of VNC at CNET

Alain LaBonté alb "at"
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 22:28:05 +0000

A 09:00 2001-09-18 -0300, Boivin, Patrice J a icrit :
>VNC doesn't work against a Dell PowerEdge 6400 quad-700MHz CPU machine, 2G
>of RAM, with NT Server 4 SP 6a with security hotfixes applied, including the
>fixes highlighted by PatchWork.
>VNC works against an old Pentium II clone, with less memory, no brand name,
>NT4 SP5.

[Alain]  In my case, it works well on my home LAN in the city of Quibec
(the server being a Win98SE machine and my client running on a Win2K DELL
portable -- yes, maybe the opposite of what it should be, but it works).

However, in spite of two advices by persons willing to assist me, I was
never able to make it work in remote access on my portable, the fault
suspected to be in Win98SE's standard Internet connection sharing
parameters (when 2 Ethernet cards are present on the server, one for
Internet, one for the LAN). Even changing parameters according to another
VNC user's settings (for whom it was a solution) never worked for me. The
actual IP address of my home machine responds (I checked, of course) but
VNC does not seem to get an answer.

It would be nice if somebody would have a look at such a problem, which
seems primary. Why should it be so complicated to solve such a small problem?

But VNC is useful when I am at home... However I can't have access to my
home files or backup from abroad... That said I would not throw the baby
with the bathtub water... It is a nice product, which allows me to access
files much faster at home than though the Win2K-to-Win98SE network

Alain LaBonti
Kona, Big Island of Hawaii
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