Suggestion for VNC diagnostic tool

Frank Evan Perdicaro frank "at"
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 19:56:07 +0000

Lots of people have trouble getting VNC to connect.  I
did too.

My troubles were pretty easy to trace.  Since I was running on Solaris
using PPP, I put PPP in verbose mode.  This let me track connection
timing, IP resolution and lots of other useful stuff.  When the going
got tough, I ran VNC under truss, and truss under script, letting me
capture every single system command.

I can assure all of you, that is not for the impatient or inexperienced.

It crossed my mind that it would be really useful to have a super
lightweight VNC client simulator.  Just a terminal window that ran
through the VNC state machine.  No GUI required.  The tool would
execute startup, then execute a single refresh request.  It would
always create a log.  After generating a single "virtual screen
refresh", the tool could only do two other things -- exit or generate
another virtual screen refresh.

The first draft would support only one encoding and one size.  It
should be ANSI C only, and probably POSIX compliant, with as few
machine-specific extensions as possible.  (Java, TCL and Perl
implementations would probably be easier, but can we please stick with
C for something trivial?)

Then, without the hassle of registry entries, GUI problems, X
headaches, etc., one could answer the question "can I get VNC to
run here?".
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