Steven Venn svenn "at"
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 15:29:53 +0000

Has anybody used VNC on an IPAQ ?
The build I'm using doesn't seem to allow you to set the encoding to RAW
mode, it just seems to keep defaulting back to Hextile ?
It seems VERY slow even though it has a ubiquitous 10MB connection to the
We are trying to evaluate VNC as a possible remote mapping tool, but the
software really seems to struggle with high-density screen information (ie a
map that doesnt have a high degree of redundancy).
I've seen the data transfer from the server peek at around 48K per second,
but thats bugger all !
Also I'm worried about colour depth mismatches, the IPAQ has a fixed colour
depth of 12bit ie 4096 colours, this obviously isnt an option on the server

Can anone direct me to a better build of the IPAQ client, perhaps this is
the problem with update speed ?

Steve, grabbing at straws !
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