Bad Review of VNC at CNET

Yan Seiner yan "at"
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 10:49:33 +0000

Dave Warren wrote:
> Nope, PCAnywhere advertises that it's running.  I loaded it up on my cable
> modem, and immediately saw a couple people in my node running PCAnywhere,
> one without a password.  Handy feature.

Handy for who?  A hacker?  ;-)  That's the last thing I want my system
to do.  I don't want it to advertise its existence.  I want it to

My logs are full of rejected packets from mis-configured win boxes
advertising their existence on the net.

> But then, on my local area network VNC can connect to the computer
> "systems1" just by typing "systems1", even though it's assigned a dynamic
> IP.  Hmmmmm.  Magic.  Or just using DNS properly.  One of the two, anyway.

See my earlier post about *nix v. win software models.  Exactly my
point; PCAnywhere is easier to use but a security risk; VNC is more
difficult to set up if you include the "properly configured DNS"

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